how do I get the same information in 2 fields automatically

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator


In my base I keep the record of members who have one or more cars in a base. There are two separate fields for the make and the model for car one and the make and model of car two.

When filling in the form they select from a drop-down menu the make and model in each field of the car.

Then if they have a second car in separate fields, they select the make and models.

Now in the first cars make and model fields I have populated the drop-down menus as we have gone along, I added the second cars make and model fields later and as a result have not populated these with the relevant information.

Is there away of copying the information across to populate the fields for the drop down menu in the second cars fields or a formula that I can put so when the information in the first field is entered it will automatically enter it in the second field.

Many thanks


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