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How many times a single select choice has been selected?

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Looking to see if we can find out the history of how many times a single select option has been chosen by any of our team members in the past. I have something set up that I started in October to help with this but wondering if there is any way to see the usage for each option from April to October. 

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Hm, I'm not sure I fully understand you, sorry.

If you've got a bunch of records now and you want a count of the number of records that have each option selected, grouping the records should give you data

If you're talking about a running count of the number of times a single select option has been selected, e.g. for Record A I select `Option 1`, `Option 2`, then `Option 1` again, and you want to know that `Option 1` was selected twice, then I think we can't get that kind of historical data

You can put something in place that'll start gathering it for you now?  I'm thinking an automation that triggers whenever the select field is updated, and conditionally adds a character to a specific field based on the selected option

So if your single select field has `Option 1`, `Option 2`, `Option 3`, you'd have three separate fields to track them:
1. Option 1 count helper
2. Option 2 count helper
3. Option 3 count helper

And whenever a user selected `Option 1`, the automation would update the field `Option 1 count helper`with it's existing text and then an additional character

1. User selects `Option 1`
2. `Option 1 count helper` gets updated and its new value is "1"
3. User selects `Option 2`
4. `Option 2 count helper` gets updated and its new value is "1"
5. User selects `Option 1`
6. `Option 1 count helper` gets updated and its new value is "11"

You'd then have a formula field called, say, `Option 1 count`, and its formula would be `LEN({Option 1 count helper})`, which would output the value "2", giving you a historical count