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Hi All,

I am trying to link a record on one table to a record in another table based on a a field in the first table. In this situation, I am working on a base bwhich I am intending to use as a budget and am working on the “Credit Card Transactions” table. My goal is to use the “Card No.” Field, in which is the last 4 numbers of a credit card provided by the bank csv., to look up the card ending in those for numbers in the “Credit Cards” Table.

Btw, I did read Conditional Logic-ish Linked Records but didn’t think it would work in my scenario.

I would appreciate any ideas!


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Hi @Ryan_Williams2,

Im not sure if I got your question right, but I believe your issue is that the card number is not in the Primary Field in the 2nd table, correct?

I would suggest to move the number you are trying to link to to be in the primary field then link the field in the other table to this table, this should work.

If I understood you wrong, please share a screenshot to understand the issue better.


Hi @Mohamed_Swellam,

Thanks for getting back to me! I’m on a misison to create a great transactions list to feed into a budget, and my issue is that I created the “Credit Card Transactions” table to be able to easily copy and paste a .csv file from my bank with the following columns:

  • Transaction Date (hidden for simplicity)
  • Posted Date (hidden for simplicity)
  • Card No.
  • Description (hidden for simplicity)
  • Category (hidden for simplicity)
  • Debit (hidden for simplicity)
  • Credit (hidden for simplicity)

…but I have to manually link the payment card to each line item, if I want them to be linked.


What I would like to see happen is when I copy and paste the transactions from the .csv file into the “Credit Card Transactions” table, that the card (a record in the “ :credit_card: Payment Cards” table) is automatically linked to the record in the “Credit Card Transactions” table based on the “Card No.” field matching up with the last 4 numbers of the “Card ID” field from the “ :credit_card: Payment Cards” table.


This would ideally show up in the “ :credit_card: Payment Card” field, like this.


Is this possible?

Hi @Ryan_Williams2,

Yes this is totally possible. You will have to do as mentioned in my first reply. The Card number in the Payment Cards table must be in the Primary Field (the very first field in the table) AND it should not include the “Chase” part since when you copy it from the csv file it also will not include it.