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4 - Data Explorer

I work for a non-profit animal sanctuary with 200+ residents and am trying to figure out if switching our database to Airtable would make sense. I’ve got a great start at setting up our base but can’t figure out two major details that could make or break Airtable as our database:

  1. Is there a way to track numerical values over time? It’s super helpful to be able to see past values like weights over time to recognize patterns throughout seasonal or age-related changes. I think I’ve seen some potential solutions but I’m not savvy at programming beyond the very basics and get lost pretty quick… Ideally each of the 200 records would have a way to track the historical weights of each individual and display it in the record.

  2. Is there a way to display multiple notes from different dates in a single record? This may be the same solution as the previous question? My current setup is to have a separate table that has a field to link each individual note to the corresponding record in the main base. It looks good on the record end, but with 200+ animals, it’s going to get very full very quick.

Very excited about the potential of Airtable, but trying to keep my expectations realistic. Maybe we need a more complex program entirely or to hire a consultant that can better navigate these tweaks. My budget isn’t huge so I’m hoping to do as much as I can solo. Would greatly appreciate any advice or resources anyone has to share, thanks!

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Welcome to the community, @Catskill_Animal_Sanc!

Yes, you can do what you want to do in Airtable, and the answer to both of your questions is the same!

The answer to your 1st question is what you figured out for your 2nd question: you just need to create another table and then link to that other table.

This is called a “one-to-many relationship” and you can learn more about it in this article:

I also talk about linked records in my free Airtable training course here:

You mentioned the possible need for an Airtable consultant. If you do, feel free to contact me through my website at