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4 - Data Explorer

Can a scripting block learn what the currently selected records are and get updates when that selection changes?

I’d like to write a script that knows when the user has only a single record selected in the visible table and then uses some fields in that record to do something fancy. Any time the user clicks on a another record, the block should be notified, look up the new field values, and redo the fancy action.

Is it possible to get such notices in a scripting block?

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No. For that, you need to build a Custom Block.

Welcome to the Airtable community.

You can use the button beta to launch a script with for the current record. See the instructions about halfway down Stephen’s post in the announcement post.

It’s not exactly the same workflow you asked for, but will hopefully provide similar enough functionality.

If this answers your question, please mark this post as the solution. Otherwise, could you please give a bit more details and a screen capture?

Thank you @kuovonne,

Your conclusions are the same as mine in front of this use-case that I had just thought about recently!