Performance of angular app integration with airtable base?

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I implemented an angular app, which accesses Airtable API and does CRUD operations on the base.

Per logged in user it makes 10 API requests to read data and 10 to write data to base. So around 20 API requests per logged in user.

we are planning to deploy it enterprise wide. where more than 200 people will be accessing this application at any given point in time and these requests will be executed simultaneously.

Can I get any suggestions on, How the applications will behave ? Will there be any performance issues ? Will Airtable API be able to handle this load ?

Any advice and suggestions will be greatly appreciated


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You will likely run into issues with this rate limit.

What can be a solution if data needs to be live everytime they visit the different pages of app ?

I can not go with cashing solution for this, As data needs to be refreshed frequently.