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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

This might be the most random formula ever, but having a hard time figuring it out/ wondering if it is even an option.

I have a list of records that represent tasks to do.

I want to have these tasks in sets of 3 records.

I dont want the tasks grouped by airtable where you see all of the various groups.

I want to have the table literally only show the current set of 3 tasks and then they have a checkbox field next to them and as you check them off they are filtered out until all 3 are filtered out and the next 3 tasks come into view and it repeats like that.

Totally not sure if this is even something that can be done, I was thinking of manually adding in set #s and filtering for that, but then I dont know how you filter just the set that is between the one that is checked off and the rest of them.

This might be a too complicated one to create, but appreciate any help, thank you!

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11 - Venus
11 - Venus

I've thought about it, and you're right, it would require automation to script the next three tasks to be extracted

How would I set up this automation, do you know or is it not possible?

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11 - Venus

In this case, three fields, automation, and the last automation requires a script to extract only three from the top list.

1. checkbox field
2. single select field
3. date field (or something that determines priority order)
 Due Date

Set the first 3 tasks to "TODO"

Automation is triggered each time a task is checked
Conditional branching if "TODO" is 0 in "Find Redords
Set single select to "blank" for the 3 tasks that have already been checked
Script extracts the three tasks with the closest due dates in "Find records" and sets "TODO".

I tired doing it a little and didn't quite figure it out /;

Let me know if you are able to give a more detailed step by step if not no biggie I understand

Hmm, if you're willing to link all your tasks to a single record in another table, check out this base

Screen Recording 2023-07-10 at 10.17.39 PM.gif

Idea is to have an autonumber field in your tasks table and have a formula field that'll help you create "sets" for your tasks.  You then ensure that all your tasks are linked to single record in another table, and then use a rollup field with the formula "MIN(values)" on the formula field I mentioned above, and make it conditional to only display records that don't have "Done" checked

You then create a lookup field to display that rollup field's value in the tasks table, and create a formula field to check whether the lookup value is the same as that record's set value.  Finally, create a view that'll filter based on that formula field

Wow thank you so much!

Is there anyway I can become an editor of that base so I can see how you created the formulas?

11 - Venus
11 - Venus

Great solution, @TheTimeSavingCo !
Thank you for sharing too


@TheTimeSavingCo shared the Base with us so you can duplicate it.

Okay awesome, thank you so much, I really appreciate it!!! @TheTimeSavingCo 

@ShoHaha thank you!!  It was very fun to solve

@Jeffrey_BrianGlad I could help!