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4 - Data Explorer

I will preface with saying I have a hard time with functions. Not my brain thing. So, as much as I have searched for solutions I suspect my search terms weren't correct enough to find the answer. So I am hoping someone here can help.

I need my email column in "table 1" to pull the email from "table 2" IF client is "who ever".

Ex., in the client column of '"table 1" I enter Sally. I want the email column of 'table 1" to pull Sally's email from "table 2" and add it to the email column.  If it's Dave then pull Dave's email, etc... 

My client list is growing so more clients will be added. Can this be done without using "multiple select"?

I hope I am clear in my explaining. 

Thanks in advance. 

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A simpler way to achieve this in Airtable is to link your tables together using a linked record field, then create a lookup field in table1 on the email address field in table2. Now when you add a client via the linked record field, the email address will populate in the lookup field.