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Make Fields Editable on Record Detail Interface

Hi, I'm really new to Airtable. I was wondering if there was a way to add a button to make fields editable for the Record Detail template. Basically, I want to be able to edit and update the current record on the Record Detail.

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Timeline Single date record with 2 date records

Hey guys!I have a question about dates showing up on the timeline view. I have a table for schedules with a start date and an end date. By default if it's a single date (milestone) it fills out the start date if you build the schedule in calendar (as...

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Interface: Allow Commenters to Upload Photos

I am working on an interface for my installers to use in the field. I'd like to add a way for the installer to upload photos. The twist is that I'd like to only have my installers on as commenters, not editors. Is there a way I can set a button to al...

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Read-Only Interface users - no license needed?

We have a paid Teams license - just a few seats for the development team.Am I right in thinking that if we share an Interface by email as readonly, then that doesn't require a paid license for that user?We were going to use Softr as the front end, bu...

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Interface filter "Current user domain"

Hello,I'm looking for a way to filter records dynamically similar to currently available options "Current user" and "Current user's email". What I have in mind is a formula field in the database that outputs something like "", ""...

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Resolved! Limit the choices for Single Select field in Interface Form

Is it possible to limit the options for a single select field in an interface form? i can definitely do this in a regular airtable form. but i can't seem to figure out the way to do this in an interface form.example: single select fieldOption 1Option...

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New "Swimlanes" visualization in Interfaces?

I attended the advanced app building webinar this week (shoutout to the excellent host, Jen Johnson!!) and noticed this new visualization option in interfaces: swimlanes. Is this something that is coming soon? I don't see this option available on my ...

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