Re: Bug/Request - Record does not disappear from Record Picker when filter applied

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Set up the Record Picker with a filter that is controlled by elements on the Interface.

For example, I am setting up a content approval Interface so that the user can see all of the records that need approving in the Record Picker. The Record Picker is filtered by a single select APPROVAL field. The APPROVAL field is an editable element on the Interface. When the APPROVAL field is changed to “Approved” or “Rejected” the record should disappear from view.

What happens is that the record disappears from the Record Picker but the elements remain showing for that record. Even worse, when you clear the Record Picker then the final record’s elements remain even when you close down and reopen the Interface.

As it is, I am probably going to have to workaround the problem with a place holder record. The usability would be greatly improved if records disappeared when filter conditions are met like they do in regular views.

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Yeah I hope this gets fixed up soon. I have a similar issue with linked child records not disappearing from the view when a different parent is chosen from the main record picker.

Be sure to send this information to support as well. There is no guarantee that support will see this thread on the community forum.