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6 - Interface Innovator

I'm wondering if there's any way to apply templates not just to the creation of new records in an Interface, but also to the edit page of a record within the Interface? We have a good bit of conditional logic on the create a record form for a table with the Interface, which works really great, but then on the record edit page we have to display all the fields that might be needed, regardless of the logic that was selected when creating the record. Some fields don't apply to certain records and others do and it would be great to be able to display an edit page for records based on the template or logic conditions used when creating it so that only certain fields display based on the selections made in fields above it. Thanks!

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Hi @Anthony_Gualand,

It's currently not possible to save an interface template/duplicate for usage between bases, likely due to how dependent interfaces are on their underlying base, but it is possible to duplicate interfaces/pages within the same base:

Hope that helps!

This isn't quite what I was talking about. My question has more to do with getting Interface edit record pages to use the same conditional logic as the create record form pages do. Don't think it's possible right now, but wasn't sure if Templates could be used to achieve this, which is why I mentioned them. I'm not really familiar with templates, so thought I'd see.

Ah apologies for the misunderstanding (I feel like chatGPT right now 😅). Are you talking about record templates when you say "templates?" If so, this is a way to create multiple records from a saved record template and does not prompt the user or employ conditional logic. We can apply a record template with an interface button but not an automation (currently). 

It doesn't look like we can conditionally hide/show elements on an interface yet and button fields are not allowed on interface form pages so your best bet is likely to create an automation that picks relevant records from a "Template" table to create elsewhere based on some conditional value populated by a form.

Here's a short (silent) video where I did something similar via a junction table for someone else in the past.

The Deliverables table in this video would essentially be your "Templates" table and the automation I used to create records in the Project Lifecycle table could be adjusted to be conditional (as in only pick records from the templates table based on some dropdown value/form response).