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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hoping for some expert guidance on this approach building a reference Table to our BOX folders.

  • AirTable created based on a BOX file report.
  • Zapier BOX Find by filename is working.
  • Import of text fields works as expected.
  • looking for assistance on how to capture a “thumbnail” image (.png 94x94) in an attachment field.

Is there a way through Zapier to pull and populate an attachment? I may be jumping too far ahead, but would this require an automation/scripting block using GET?

Thank you!

we have other AirTable direct BOX syncs that are great since thumbnails are imported, but this table contains files distributed throughout hundreds of BOX sub-folders.


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Hi @Steve_Kiwi

What is the response you are getting from Zapier in the Find a File in Box? It doesn’t include the Thumbnail?

Hi @Mohamed_Swellam
Zapier Find returns BOX Identification/Descriptor text fields (ID#, Paths, Owners, Modify Dates), but no image files (.png, .jpg) get captured.

I don’t expect Find to capture the image, but was hoping that it would return a link to a thumbnail. At this time, my solution path appears to be to use the File ID to extract the thumbnail directly out of BOX, but I wanted to check w/ the community in case anyone had solved this within AirTable and or Zapier.

thanks for asking!