🐛 BUG: Form RESETS on screen rotation while Using on Mobile Phone

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

While using a form on mobile, if the screen rotates, it resets the form and all entered data is lost.

Totally unacceptable if you want to use the form as a facility to capture a walk around audit / taking photos, moving the phone around a lot, putting it in your pocket, etc… Can this please be fixed?

The fear of losing your hard entered data is a BIG consideration as to whether or not you use mobile forms to capture your data AND restricts the use cases for data collection within a business.

I think the web version is fine, but the app version causes this issue.

Difficulty being that you NEED to use the app on the mobile for everything else, which actually works. And when opening a link to an airtable form it defaults to the app that you have installed instead of directly to the browser.

Please HELP!

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