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6 - Interface Innovator

I see that if I upgrade to the Pro plan (I’m on the $10/month plan), there is something called Page Builder that will let me design and create a PDF file. I’m wondering if there is something similar that would let me design and create an HTML file from a view that could then be used as part of a web page.


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Airtable gives you the ability to embed any of your views within an existing website:

Thank you. I’m already aware of that and have done it. But I still am looking for a solution to the question I had asked. The problem with the embedding a view–which works spectacularly well–is that Google mostly ignores the content of the iframe for indexing, and can even penalize a site (for search ranking) for iframes.

I don’t see that question from you above. However, that is not my expertise, so hopefully someone else has some answers for you! I’d be curious to know more about that topic as well.

“I don’t see that question from you above.”

That’s strange, it’s the initial post that created this thread. Weird. Bug with the forum?

It looks like you created it as a separate thread:

Yes, this is one huge drawback of publishing anything with iFrame.

No, not in Airtable itself. Ideally, you want such content generated server side because anything less, and crawlers (which only see what servers render) have nothing to crawl. I have had to overcome this process by creating a proxy server that reads the Airtable API and generates the appropriate HTML.

If you are using Wordpress, I think there’s a plugin that does this as well.

Oh, right! Good call, @Bill.French!

Here’s the link:

Thanks for the link to the plugin. But the warning “This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress” gives me pause. And I see the developer is not responsive on the Wordpress support page for his plugin.

Ah, interesting. That sounds like a dealbreaker to me.

You may want to look at the options offered by and, which also let you embed Airtable content into a webpage.