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Can I export a view to an HTML format?

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I see that if I upgrade to the Pro plan (I’m on the $10/month plan), there is something called Page Builder that will let me design and create a PDF file. I’m wondering if there is something similar that would let me design and create an HTML file from a view that could then be used as part of a web page.


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Yep - that was completely clear to me and I think it’s a wise design choice actually.

Are you referring to this section?

This code will add a little Excel button next to your HTML table and when someone clicks that button, it creates a beautiful and interactive view of table with support for sorting and filtering. You can even visualize the HTML table as graphs without leaving the page.

I couldn’t get this to work. The link to a live demo also does not contain a live demo for me. Does this technique work for you?

“Only because I’m really [really] old. You’re welcome.”

I just signed up for medicare this week, so I’m right there myself. Started programming on punch cards…LOL.

Ahhhhh, well there it is. Did you preserve a stack to show the viewers what that actually was? :slightly_smiling_face:

If you remember punch-cards you may also remember LapLink.

I wish I saved a stack! Yes, I remember LapLink. Along with 8" floppies.

Ha ha - me too. I have many and a few copies of LapLink as well. I created LapLink three years before the term “laptop” became a thing; it was used at NASA and a few other places as a desktop interchange app.

I remember those as well. One of my first jobs as a teen was working on a custom typesetting computer at a print house, and it used those 8" monsters to store project files. Good times!