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Critical Impact - Form Submission Outage Demands Immediate Attention

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Screenshot 2566-05-01 at 13.05.56.pngI am writing to express our extreme concern and urgency regarding a critical issue we are facing, which has severely impacted our operations. Our form submission functionality is experiencing an outage, and despite our attempts to resolve it, we remain at a standstill.

We have made multiple separate attempts to upgrade our account using different cards, but all attempts have been met with the same error message. This has left us in a highly precarious situation, as we are unable to process any form submissions, leading to a significant loss in business efficiency and potential revenue.

We urgently require your immediate assistance and expertise to rectify this matter. The longer this issue remains unresolved, the more detrimental it becomes to our organization. Your swift response will be greatly appreciated as we cannot afford any further delays.

We decided to ask the community since it's been over 72 hours and we received no response from the Airtable support team leaving us completely stranded. 

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