Help: Account suddenly lost access to existing Bases

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Hi all,

I sent an urgent email to Airtable support, but since their auto reply says they’re very busy and can’t guarantee a prompt response, I thought I’d try here.

We have an account that’s been used for about 6 months or so and we’ve been collaborating on a base virtually every day.

Suddenly this morning, while logged in to AT, there are no bases listed. When I access the bookmark to a base in the browser, we get the “You do not have access to this base” message with a Request Access button. After requesting access, I didn’t get anything sent to the account email address. I confirmed that I’m logged in to Airtable with the right account name when getting this message.

I don’t see the Workspace at all, though it shows I am logged in.

I don’t see anything in the inbox about a billing issue or that the account has expired.

Anyone have an idea about what this might be? Is this a known issue?

Thanks for any ideas!

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Welcome to the Airtable community! This forum is mostly other community members, and Airtable staff only post occasionally.

Airtable support is probably the only ones who can really get to the root of your issue. The best we can do is give general troubleshooting advice. For example, can you log into Airtable using the account that owns the workspace? If so, what are the sharing permissions for the workspace?


Thanks for responding…

Yes, we can log in to the account and in the upper-right after we log in, under the person icon we see our account email address. However, on the left, all our Workspaces are gone. This account is the owner of the workspace.

Also, if I look in the Trash there’s nothing there, so nothing was accidentally deleted.

I checked the AT Twitter account and it doesn’t look like there’s a site-wide issue.

I don’t see any email messages from Airtable about the account expiring or any imminent account issues.

I put “URGENT” in the Airtable support email, but it’s anybody’s guess as to how long it will take for them to get back to us.

I don’t see phone support options either. Any guesses on response time on issues like this?


How many owners did you have for your workspace?

Anybody who is an owner can remove access from all other users (including owners).

Furthermore, anybody who is a creator can remove access from all other users (except for owners).

Your guess is as good as ours as to how long it will take Airtable Support to get back to you. They say that they prioritize account-related inquiries like this, so hopefully you’ll hear back soon.