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4 - Data Explorer

How would one sync two tables in the same AirTable base? Is this easily possible?

For instance, I have two tables in one base, each table is named Contacts, how would one sync those two tables so that if a contact record is changed/added/deleted on one table, it does the exact same change on the other table (all in the same base)?

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Welcome to the community, @Luke_McKinley!

It sounds like you want to use views, not syncing.

Since you’re new to Airtable, you may benefit greatly from my free Airtable training course, which covers views in great detail:

One of the greatest inventions in computing is the concept of logical (not physical) views, and Airtable supports this construct exceptionally well.

Any time you have copies of anything, you will typically create more problems than benefits. Ideally, there should a single, authentic representation of every unique data object. If your process or database design implies you should duplicate data, you might want to rethink it a bit by experimenting with multiple Views instead of multiple copies that need to be synchronized.

@ScottWorld is probably spot-on with his recommendation.

Welcome to the Airtable community!

Just to add on a bit to what Scott an Bill have said …

In Airtable it is not possible to have two tables with the exact same name.

If the two tables will have mostly different fields, with only a handful of fields overlapping, you might want to look into using linked record fields to link records for a contact across the table, and then use lookup fields to pull shared data from one table into the second table.

However, if the two tables will have mostly the same fields, I agree that multiple views in the same table is the way to go, possibly with a single select field to identify to indicate each contact’s current status.