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Auto Expiring Columns

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

When managing an Airtable base and table, I generally create a number of “test” columns for various development purposes. These “test” columns are generally valid for a short period of time (like 1-2 weeks).

Currently, I have to remember to delete these test columns after all testing is done, which gets tedious if I’m running multiple, parallel tests.

I would love the ability to specify an OPTIONAL “expiration date/time” when creating a new column. Once that date/time elapses, Airtable would auto-delete the column (placing it in the trash). If I need to restore it, I could look in the trash, accordingly.

Bonus points if Airtable could email me a notification that a column is about to be deleted (maybe like 4 hours before the expiration time).