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Cover Image and possiblity to have text to right/left of record in Timeline view

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect
Status: New Ideas

Timeline view is great, especially with ability to split multipleselect/multiplecollaborators into separate groups/lanes. However the display of the actual record in the timeline view is really limited.

Attachments as a cover image, akin to kanban, should show a cover image for the record. Instead it currently just shows the file name and link.

In addition unless you are zoomed in ultra tight to the dates or your date range is very large, the majority of the details are lost/truncated in timeline view, making it impossible to use. Asana and others push the record details to right side of record when it does not fit in the record box in this view, which is a million times better. Would love this ability as a standard or a toggle option.