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Cross Table Filtering

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

We love Airtable! We work a lot with tasks!
However, I’d like to filter out “finished” tasks.
Of course I can filter within “task table” not to show tasks with “finished” checkbox
However, these tasks still show up when linked to other tables. For example, I assign a certain task to certain people, with cross table filtering I mean, that in people’s table only unfiltered tasks of task table shall show up.
How do I achieve that?
It’s about getting rid of finished tasks (not messing up the views) without deleting them - kind of archiving them.
Thanks for your support

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9 - Sun
9 - Sun

I believe in the person’s table you can use a LOOKUP to only grab unfinished tasks.

Then you can create a view with only the person’s unfinished tasks, and hide the finished ones