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Increasing or Merging Calendar and Timeline Functionalities

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast
Status: New Ideas

We would love for there to be a way to customize the calendar view in a way that would allow us, for example, to track events (records) that are occurring simultaneously across various locations (dropdown field). Kind of like how you can see various Google Calendars side-by-side (which was the workaround we used this year via Zapier). 

A more specific breakdown of what we're looking to do is as follows:

- The ability to create sections within the calendar view based on a dropdown field within the Table. Since we're hosting events across various venues throughout the day, it's vital that we see every event side-by-side, split up by venue to ensure there's no overlap.
- When choosing to add other date fields to pull from, it'd be great to be able to customize what information goes into those additional date fields instead of AirTable just expanding the main record. Example: Each event (record) has an introduction, Q&A, and turnaround time. If there was a way to have the calendar show those different start/end times separately, and if we could choose what areas from that record are highlighted, that would be ideal.