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More control over hidden fields!

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

I would like to see more control over hidden fields. Let’s see if I can elaborate. Keep in mind that these examples will be based on the fact that the Airtable is in “Gallery” view and is embedded on a website for the general public to view.

Let’s set up a table of companies. Here we have a gallery view that shows the viewer the company logo, company name, where they are based out of, and whether or not they are still in business. You can change this information that’s displayed on the “preview” of the cards by clicking on “customize cards”. That’s great!

This is the point where I suggest making changes. It would be great to see three different hidden views.

  1. Fields that can only be seen on the “front of the card/card preview” as shown above. This is great and is already implemented. No change is needed here!

  2. Fields that can only be seen when the card is expanded/clicked. This is great and is already implemented. I suggest getting rid of the “hidden fields” toggle within the card though and just display the information. Maybe have another toggle menu next to the “Customize Cards” where you can chose what you see on expanded view. (See below)

  3. Fields that can permanently be hidden, even in the expanded view. For example, the record id and form URLs do not need to be seen by anyone other than the table owner. The image below is an example of what information could/needs be permanently hidden to a viewer (aka the general public).


I hope this all makes sense, and I would love to see Airtable implement this!

Next, maybe we can style the cards with CSS and do away with needed third-party apps (like softr, miniextentions, pory, etc) to make the “modals” pretty? 😅

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18 - Pluto
18 - Pluto

Yeah, it’s a shame that we have to pay extra for (the excellent) to do everything that you listed here.

Many people have requested this of Airtable, but they famously do not listen to customer requests. Best you can do is email about this and add your voice to the chorus.