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Product Suggestion: Ability to lock Description app/block

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Issue: The Description app is handy, but it’s too easy to edit and accidentally modify. Example: when you set up a series of links as a resource, users have to click to EDIT the description in order to get a little popup that you can THEN click to open the URL. I would consider this unexpected UX.

Expected Behavior: A description should be read-only unless you explicitly want to modify it. This way, clicking on it doesn’t lead to accidental modification, and a link will should just open on the first click.

Suggested Fix: Add an Edit button. Adding an extra step is probably worth it in a lot of use cases where you really do just want a Description to be static most of the time. And it would make the Description app more useful as a resource, i.e. a way to share important or helpful links.