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Multi-sync within the same base

I have a base that has a number of tables representing incoming work from different sources (e.g. a jira tickets table, a slack messages table, a spreadsheet process table, a email table).  And I want to combine them into a single 'team workload' tab...

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Checking for Match before Inserting Data (Fetch API Script)

Good Evening allI have a script I am trying to bring alive. I am calling an HTTPS endpoint that returns an array of features. Each feature has a unique ID. After the initial fetch, I would like subsequent fetches to only insert new feature IDs if the...

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AI Serving in Unsuspecting Roles

Granting new feature requests, previously the domain of technology vendors, may change dramatically with the advent of AGI. Here's a simple example.Stephen Orr requested a new feature similar to the ALL() formula in Excel. I’ve seen many of his posts...

Bill_French_7-1686008181204.png Bill_French_8-1686008221745.png Bill_French_0-1686016741281.png
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Sync Airtable & Webflow - Real Time & 2-way

Hey everyone!We just launched our latest tool, real-time 2-way syncing between Airtable & Webflow. We've been hard at work the past several months refining, testing and optimizing our two way sync with our beta users. Check it out here!Sync Airtable ...

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Linking Multiple Records in Airtable

Hi!I recently made a video on how you can dynamically link multiple records in airtable to a single one using make. I know for a fact this is something quite a few people struggle with. Here's the video!

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Syncing Airtable and Postgres: way, way easier than before

Hey everyone, I'm Ian, founder at Bracket. We make it easy to sync data between Airtable and other databases, like Postgres.Really excited to announce that after months of collecting feedback from members of this community, we've just released our to...

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Searching for Airtable instructors !

Hi there !Hope you’re all doing well !My name is Thomas, and I’m the founder of Nocodable, an online learning marketplace 100% dedicated to no code !We’re actively searching for instructors on Airtable to create courses on the platform in English.As ...

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Save emails to Airtable with automations

In the past six months, I have been building TaskRobin to save emails to Airtable. After you setup your email inbox and Airtable base with TaskRobin, you just need to forward emails that you want to save to Airtable to TaskRobin.Try our Airtable exte...

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Append table

 1-  Our organization operates various types of projects, each with different formats. Some formats are consistent across projects. We used the append option in Excel to compile them and bring them into our organization's master database. Is there a ...

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Sync Airtable and Webflow E-Commerce

Hi all!Wanted to share that Whalesync just added the ability to 2-way sync Airtable with Webflow E-Commerce!You can now manage all your Webflow E-Comm products from the comfort of an Airtable base We made a full announcement here but also happy to an...

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ChatGPT capabilities on your Airtable contents

I built Airtable-QnA that is easy to use and open-sourcedThe application allows you to ask questions and retrieve information from your Airtable content. Simply provide your OpenAI API key, Airtable personal access token, and Airtable URL to get star...

Screenshot 2023-05-23 at 5.21.09 PM.png
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Convert a formula/link in image

Hi, need some help! I make a chart on than i build a formula in airtable to pass the the variables [SUBSTITUTE("" & ARRAYJOIN({items ...

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Using Airtable as a personal journal

Hi everyone. Just been playing around with interfaces and it occurred to me you could easily use Airtable with the record review, calendar and automation functions to set yourself up a fully functional journal, that includes email reminders. Template...

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The un-official Airtable quiz

A fun Friday project we made - the un-official Airtable quiz! The questions get harder as you go along and there’s a leaderboard at the bottom of the page to see how you stack up (stored in Airtable, of c...

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Sync Error using Interface

Hello everybody,Is anybody having a "sync" issue while on Interface view?We have a base with around 2.5K records and lately we've been having very slow load times and randomly getting this error when editing a field:An error has occurredSorry, your b...

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Get expiring attachment URL!

In order to assist a community member in accessing expiring URLs for their attachments, I've developed a new extension!  Now, you can effortlessly retrieve the URLs of your attachments with just a click.Just a heads up, the Airtable makes the URLs ex...

Get URL.gif
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Interesting error message

 Error message in console when running my extension:Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading '__SECRET_INTERNALS_DO_NOT_USE_OR_YOU_WILL_BE_FIRED') (ps I don't need help with this one!)

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