We made 5 iOS Shortcuts for Using Airtable Web Clipper on iPhone

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi As long-time users of Airtable, we've noticed that the official Airtable Web Clipper doesn't function on mobile devices. Plus, the iOS Airtable app often has lengthy loading times. To address this gap, we've developed several iOS shortcuts specifically for Airtable Web Clipper.

Shortcuts Library Link:

Video Demo: 

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We've created a short demonstration video to illustrate how these iOS Shortcuts can simplify your mobile data management in relation to Airtable Web Clipper. This video showcases how simple it is to capture web content, save images, and input text using our Airtable iOS Shortcuts.

  • Capture web content with ease – When browsing the web in Safari, you can activate our Airtable shortcut to save the page's URL, title, and selected text to your designated table and fields, essentially replicating the Airtable Web Clipper experience on iOS! 



  • Save images on the go – You can promptly add images from your photo library or camera to your Airtable database. This makes organizing and accessing visual assets easier, all thanks to our shortcuts designed for the Airtable Web Clipper.
  • Streamline text input – Our iOS Shortcuts for the Airtable Web Clipper also allow you to transfer text snippets from any app to your Airtable fields, eliminating the need for manual copy-and-paste operations.

We assure you that each function demonstrated in the video works perfectly with no privacy issues. If you're excited to start using these shortcuts for using Airtable Web Clipper on iOS, please visit our site( to get them. Thanks!

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I love how technology can make our lives easier, right? But I'm curious—has anyone tweaked these shortcuts further to fit their specific needs? I’m thinking of customizing one for quick journaling or maybe integrating it with other apps. Would love to hear your thoughts and any other cool shortcuts you might be using!

TheSweetBits did an awesome job putting these together! It’s such a game-changer for managing my Airtable tasks on the go. The shortcuts streamline everything from capturing web snippets to organizing them directly into my Airtable bases.