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Is there a way to make a timeline's summary bar display different values over a given object's duration? I'm trying to make a map of the effort levels for various projects to forecast my team's workload at a given time (not using utilization because ...
Field names have to be hard-coded into a formula, which makes it so you can't do something like indicate which field name to pull from in a multiselect field. You can only use a switch with hardcoded field names, or use a whole bunch of if statements...
I know if I use a switch, I can write a formula to return a single value from different fields based on a given input from a single-select field. Like if the select field has options A, B, C, it’d be SWITCH({select field}, A, {Field A}, B, {Field B},...
I'm building a project calendar that has dates that can be adjusted by the user, so all the records in the table are events for the calendar, with their date in a "target date" date field. The project also has a due date that's supplied by another te...
I have two tables, one with products and one with parts of the product. On the parts table, I include a team member who's responsible for that part. Sometimes the same team member is responsible for all the parts, and sometimes the responsibilities a...
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