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I’ll do my best to describe this. Description I have a base with two tables. Table 1 is an import of course records in a csv file. Table two is linked to a sanitized view of this data. Each course has a unique identifying number. Some of these course...
I am trying to convert TODAY() to the WEEKDAY() and then to the single letter for that day of the week. I need to match that to a data feed that provides the day of the week as a letter. Here is my formula: SWITCH(WEEKDAY(SET_TIMEZONE(TODAY(),'Americ...
I am getting an export that expresses a start and stop time as text in 24 hour format. I am trying to make this into AM/PM. Thoughts? Input: 730 1130 1330 1700 Desired Output: 7:30 AM 11:30 AM 1:30 PM 5:00 PM
Hey there. So, I have a base with a table of inventory of devices that includes their IP address. On that table, I already made a button column that where you click on it and it takes you to that device using the protocol best suited for it (VNC, HTT...
I am attempting to have an automation that every Monday morning will look in a table for specific records and then broadcast that into Slack. I got the trigger and record searches to work, but when I attempt to place them in the message, all I get ar...