$100 Reward - Calculate possible termination date of licenses


This is my table: https://airtable.com/shr0FiM4g1quNwnpG.

It’s a table of our customers’ active licenses. Each license continue to be active until the customer calls us and terminates it. Then we remove the record from the table.

Start day = The date the customer signed the license.
Notice period (days) = The amount of days in which the customer need to terminate it’s license in advance. Otherwise the license is continued for another Agreement period.
Agreement period (months) = The amount of months the customer is tied to it’s license.
Tied until = The date the customer is tied to it’s license, I.e. Start day + Agreement period (months).

The problem:
I want the last field, Current possible termination date, to calculate a future date, that is the last day the customer is allowed to terminate it’s license. This date should be dynamic and based on today’s date and the criteria in the other fields. I’ve included some examples to show how it’s supposed to be calculated.

Please let me know if I need to clarify something! Thank you!

Is this what you want? My formulas are in the last two columns of the table. You may need to click the image to zoom in to read the values. (The screen shot is wide so that you can see your original data.)

I calculated both {Tied until} and {Current possible termination date} to better match your text. Several of your {Tied until} dates were actually dates in the past, and I assume that you want all of those dates to be future dates, since you stated that once a license is terminated you remove the record from the table.

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@kuovonne I’m very curious to see the formulas that you came up with. I tried tackling this as well, partly because I thought that I’d figured out the logic for similar problems in the past, but for some reason I’m hitting a wall.

EDIT: Never mind. I finally worked it out.


Yeah, it looks right! You help me (another acount) with another formula just a few days ago and I know you can be trusted :smiley: Just send me a PayPal link and I’ll send the money. Thank you!

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