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It says “On your billing plan, you may only email collaborators with verified emails.” eventhough I have a Pro subsciption. What kind of subscription do I need?
I have created a two step automation where the condition is based on a date. If any of the dates in a certain field is before today, which they all are, the automation is supposed to update that record and create a new one. The test works fine but no...
My sister can somehow calculate the value for the field End date in her head. Can someone please give me the formula that she is using, as I need to use a formula? :grinning_face_with_big_eyes:
Hi! This is my table: It’s a table of our customers’ active licenses. Each license continue to be active until the customer calls us and terminates it. Then we remove the record from the table. Start day = The ...
Hi! I want a field to show one of three values (Active, Expires in a week or Expired) depending on if the field “Startdatum” is after today, within a week or before today. How do I solve this? Thanks!