Ability to copy Single Select & Multi-select list options


If would be great to be able to copy single select & multi-select list options from base or table to another.

Within the same base, I know that I should use the linking function. In some cases I do, but most of the time, I want the ability to color each option for a visual reference so I end up using single or multi-select over again with the same options.


It’s possible to copy single select & multi select options from one field to another base or table as a side effect of copying and pasting cells.

First, in a grid view on your source table, click the field header for the select field (which selects all cells in the field), and press Cmd+C or Ctrl+C to copy the cells.

Then, in a grid view on your destination table, create a new field. Select the topmost cell in the field, and press Cmd+V or Ctrl+V to paste. So long as the destination field is empty and Single Line Text type, pasting a range of cells will also replace the field type and options to be the same as the field you copied.

You can then hit Delete or Backspace to clear the values you just entered in. Even after clearing the values, the type and options for the field that you pasted will remain.


Thank you so much Matt. Could you reply with how to close this resolved ticket?