Advanced form questions

It would be really awesome to have some more advanced question types in Airtable. Specifically, I’d love to be able to collect data in the form of an input table.

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So, your input table would translate into records and fields in Airtable?

Exactly. Let’s say you had a 3x3 table, that would translate to nine different fields in Airtable. Lots of forms already have this (like Jotform, for example)

Yep - I get it. Um, I would try a simple test:

  1. Create a form in Google sheets (it supports table layout questions) or any form builder you are comfortable with.
  2. Map it into Airtable via Zapier and see how Airtable interprets the update of what is ostensibly a 2d array.

I’m not suggesting this is how you should implement it, but more data on how Airtable would capture a grid would maybe give you additional insights into possible approaches. It’s possible Airtable is unable to capture a grid object, so best to know that straight-up.

If it works, you could use the API or Integromat, Zapier, Jotform, etc.

Yeah I’ve been using Jotform, which seems like the best integration given my needs. The problem there is that they don’t support Airtable’s linked fields, but that’s a whole other beast haha