Advanced User Permissions


Totally agree. Google Docs is a great example of how users expect this level of control which is why it is so surprising that AirTable doesn’t have it. The nature of work has changed, teams are distributed, freelance and agile. User level permissions are the way we manage security, complexity and the general experience.

Come on guys, let’s make this the next What’s New!


@Katherine_Duh would be great if you guys could give us any update regarding this. Is it being worked on, or is it something you’re not focusing at the moment, anything :slight_smile:


Actually it would be great to know what you guys are working on in general? There’s been a flurry of activity up until June :slight_smile:


Yes, this is a barrier for us adopting Airtable more broadly. Would love to know where this is on the roadmap.

Role-based access control for tabs

Huh, don’t think they’ll continue to read this thread by now BUT, I also agree with the other users here. Understanding you want to keep Airtable simple (and that is great), a SIMPLE way to add advanced user permissions could be:

  • Adding a “Share table” option with regular permission levels like edit, read, comment
  • When you do so, it could appear a little window asking you which fields you would like to grant permission to and an option to select them all (like the notification settings on iOS or something like that :stuck_out_tongue: ). Of course, this window would only appear when you are trying to share a TABLE and not the whole base.



As a workspace owner, I would like to restrict access to specific tabs based on user role so that I can protect sensitive information without having to create a separate base.

This is going to be needed for many serious business use cases.


We’d find this helpful too. We have different tables for different teams of users, all of whom need to link to other tables, but they don’t need to be able to edit records in the tables they’re linking to.


+1 on this
So many of the best things about Airtable is only possible when you keep all in the same table, but there are several downsides to everyone accessing everything


I have been trying to push towards team wide adoption of airtable, but this is the biggest blocker to get buy in from executives


+1 Please also see the main feature request for this called Advanced User Permissions :slight_smile:


I’m an advocate of Airtable for app prototyping; more advanced user permissions would represent a big step towards more heavyweight prototypes.


Agreed! Even just at a high level - what’s on the roadmap.


Reading this I’m thinking that an option to Lock specific Columns / Rows / Cells from Changes by others may be very useful - thinking how to implement and keep it simple. And I know there have been times I put a complex formula in a column and I’d like to lock it from changes except for a few specific persons.


HI - Wanted to add in a specific use case and need where this would be a HUGE time saver for us. We work on projects with outside agencies – and I’d love to be able to use airtable to manage projects with them. However, I don’t want to share my entire base with them – just the table of deliverables that they are a part of it.

Without that, I have two choices:

  • share the entire base with the same permissions on all tables, which is not ideal
  • create a separate base, for which I’d have to duplicate the same tables in multiple bases and even then, I won’t get the full picture from either base.

To me - table level permissions is necessary for teams who work with outside agencies.


Hi Katherine, are advanced user permissions on the roadmap for 2018? I’m guessing a lot of users would love to know that (even if it’s not coming out this year). Thanks :slight_smile:


+10 for more advanced user permissions. In my case, I would like someone to make changes to the base without having access to the entire base. This is not currently possible without using workarounds like forms that are much too cumbersome.


This is so true. Really hoping Airtable gives us a roadmap on this feature


So here’s the good news - I heard from AT support this month:

“Advanced permissions is something we have been working towards but as you can imagine it is something that we want to have 100% right from the get go. We know this has been a feature users have wanted for a long time and we want it too! There is, however, a lot of background work that is done to pave the way that isn’t visible to the end user. Rest assured that we find this feature as important as you do.”


Unfortunately, they’ve said almost the exact same thing in 2016… which doesn’t leave me hopeful that it’s on its way. A roadmap will be very helpful from Airtable now


Would be nice if Airtable exposed it’s roadmap in a public table in Kanban view :slight_smile: