At least 1 more workspace for Pro Plans!

Our company currently uses the Pro version of Airtable and it would be SO helpful if we could have at least just ONE Other workspace for archival purposes. It’s a bummer the options go from a single workspace in the first three plan options and then goes to unlimited for the Enterprise. This jump is unfair to the growing companies where the enterprise plan doesn’t make sense… Just one additional workspace would allow us to have an “Archive” workspace and separate new projects with past/finished projects that we still need to keep data for and reference.

Thank you for your consideration.


I use a free workspace for archiving purposes. When I am ready to archive a base, I turn off all automations and move it to the free workspace to clear out my main workspace. When I want to see anything in the archived workspace, I move it back to my main pro workspace.

I never actually access the base while it is in the free workspace, and all of my data stays in the base when I move it back to my pro workspace, even when I get record overage warnings in the free workspace.

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We need our entire team to access the archives. We work with events that occur yearly and we need to refer back to “what was done last year” often. This would not work for us, and moving back and forth is not reasonable.

If you only need read-only access to the prior year’s information, you can add the entire team to the archive workspace, and they can see all the records in the archive. This would be free.

I only move bases back to the pro workspace when I need more than read-only access to records. (For example, I want to access an app.)

All of our bases go over the allowance for the personal plan in the number of rows, total base file size, etc. We can’t risk losing the data as Airtable warns you have only a short amount of time to upgrade before you may lose data. Perhaps they don’t actually purge data, but if they decided to it would be terrible and we’d have no recourse.

Also, it’s not just a matter of adding each team member to each base, when we go back and forth, we need some clients to have access, which we’d have to re-grant access each time. I do appreciate your thinking out of the box as it’s always helpful for a work around, just not sure it’s really feasible for us.

Now if they could allow just ONE other workspace, it would be a hallelujah!! :slight_smile:

Thank you for explaining your use case in more details.

As is, having two pro workspaces with essentially the same people would double your costs. You could also consider upgrading to an enterprise plan. Enterprise plans allow you to have multiple workspaces.