Attachments: Ability to paste (cmd + v) a screen shot into the field from my clipboard


Would like the ability to past a screen shot into the attachments field.

Use case: If I am tracking visual changes to design project I can easily paste in a visual reference for the change.


You can already paste directly from the clipboard into the expanded upload attachments screen:


Okay great. Didn’t investigate enough… thanks Katherine!


Please add the feature to allow pasting without having to open the attachment screen.

Currently if you CTRL-V in the table with a picture in the clipboard, it says “nothing to paste”.

For example in Trello, you could paste when a card is open or when card is closed and the cursor is over a particular card in the list and press CTRL-V to paste the image into that card.

This would be really useful in Airtable IMO. Thanks.


Yes, this wasn’t clear. RIght now you actually have to click the expanded window first before pasting. If you just open up the expanded window and paste, it won’t register. However, if you click the background (e.g., where the ‘Drag files here’ note is) first and then Command/Control + V, it’ll upload. I was about to request this feature myself until I found this thread.

However, it would be create to be able to do this at the cell level without expanding the window.


David, I can’t seem to get this workaround to work for me. Nothing seems to be pasting?


I’m able to get this working both on the Web (using Chrome) and the Airtable desktop app for Mac. When you open the attachment screen, click the gray background (you have to click the background first, presumably to give it focus). Then paste an already copied image (e.g., from a screen clipper) using Command + V (or Ctlr + V on a PC, presumably) and it should paste it in. Once pasted, you can Upload it or use the ‘Convert’ button to edit the image. See screenshots below.

Now what Airtable could/should do is put a ‘Paste from Clipboard’ option directly in the left sidebar (e.g., right after My Computer) to make this obvious and readily accessible!


I’m using chrome with a chromebook. I tried the method above and it does not work for me.
+1 the idea of being able to simply copy and paste into the attachment column rather than having to open the attachment screen


I am a new user piloting AirTable as a method of issue tracking for a mid-size PD firm.

Echoing that the current workflow of adding an image (3 clicks required) is too cumbersome.

AirTable team, simplifying this to a simple field selection + Ctrl-+V would be a welcome improvement!