Auto-match data across tables?

I have a form for a Contacts table that collects specific data. I have another table for Leads that I need to pull this data into. I already have it linked and that works fine. The problem lies when the form is submitted. I would like a way to auto-match this data. For example, the Contacts Table contains an “email address” field. The Leads table is set up to pull the Contact info from the new record into different sort options. As it stands right now, I have to go in and manually link the contact info. I thought that by adding an email address field into the Leads table I could somehow auto-match it. Any ideas? Thank you.

Airtable doesn’t do any sort of auto-matching between tables, even when there’s a field linking the two together. You could probably pull it off with either Zapier or Integromat, though. You would set your zap/scenario to trigger when a new record is created by your form, then use what’s in that record to create the link you need to the [Leads] table. If you haven’t used either Zapier or Integromat before, let us know and we can walk you through it.

Thanks Justin.

Yeah I figured as much. I do have Zapier and have used it somewhat to do some basic automated stuff. I tried making this work but couldn’t get the right trigger combo to get it to work. I would appreciate some step by step help! Thanks,


Sorry for the delayed reply. Things are quite busy on this end, and I won’t be able to get to this for a while. If someone else can jump in and assist, that would be much appreciated.