Automatically submit form? (prefilled by URL)

Still working on this, and I seem to have a new problem. Or maybe I’ve uncovered a problem that’s been there all along. I have links that submit to a Google form and that auto-submits (to Airtable via IFTTT). I still have to close each window, but that’s fine for now.

The problem is that the info I’m submitting isn’t connecting to the related record, it’s creating a new one. I’m not sure if it’s due to the form submission process, so I’m continuing in this thread rather than starting a new one.

Including a drawing to show the tables and relationships. I omitted fields that seem irrelevant.

What’s supposed to happen is the Check-Ins table has a new record added by the Google form via IFTTT. That works. But the new record in Check-Ins doesn’t associate with the existing Session, it creates a new record there, too. I thought it might be that the formatting of the date was somehow different coming in. But if I submit the form multiple times, they each create a new record in Sessions (it seems like they would at least have identical data in the linked field?!?).

I’m wide open to any suggestions. If there’s a better way to structure all this, that’s fine with me.

Yep - it’s a kludge.

It’s common to see well-intended and seemingly simple processes get bogged down with code-free integration platforms.

This is the recipe in IFTTT making assumptions about the relationships and trying to maintain relational integrity.

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