Best Method for Wordpress Post Integration?


I have already tried Zapier, but am stuck as I have Advanced Custom Fields in my Custom Post Types. I have successfully imported fields to Google Sheets, but am stuck with the same issue.

I’m looking at Airpress and the Remote Database API today. Has anyone been successful with this?


Hi Andrew,

I’m the author of Airpress and I’ve just updated Airpress and created a video tutorial at that should help get you up and running much quicker.


I’ve custom coded a plugin that syncs Airtable content. It maps Airtable records to Wordpress entities.

  • it supports posts, pages and custom post types
  • it supports creation of hierarchical taxonomies via Airtable link fields to records in the same table,
  • it supports custom post taxonomies, either through text terms or links between tables
  • it supports creation of custom meta values
  • it marks newly created terms and posts with a private meta value indicating the AT record they are based on, to support future updates and deletions (not implemented yet).

I wrote it to allow the content creation people in our team to assemble a large body of content outside Wordpress, while the site is being built.

It’s rough, and lacks a UI for creating the configuration / mapping, but it works. It could be a useful start for a developer who wants the same functionality, but it’s not end-user friendly at this point. I’m happy to share what I’ve written if you’re interested. Message me or use the contact form on our website.


Could be interesting to share some code on Github or anything :slight_smile: