Create record and add value to Airtable linked column via Integromat

Question about adding a record via Integromat with a linked column.

I have a table called ‘members’, and one of the columns is a ‘membership plan ID’.

There is another table with the ‘membership plan IDs’, and the relevant details about those membership plans (prices etc.).

When I try to add a record (via integromat), it fails because I get an error that:

The operation failed with an error. Value “5e4e5dbb7hsyqi7b1456c” is not a valid record ID.

Yet this value exists in the membership plans table, and when I paste it in manually, I have no problem.

Having looked around (eg here: (I can’t add links but there’s another post called '" HELP! Add multiple records using forms via Integromat"), I suspect that because the record is linked, it’s in an array or something, and I need to add an iterator in Integromat.

Does anyone have any advice on how to handle this?


Your ‘membership IDs’ are a field that you have created? Integromat uses the internal Record IDs, even you can check the option to use the names of the records (I think it’s called Smart Links).

Can you leave a screenshot or more details?

Ah, the ‘allow smart links’ was all it took. That’s great, thanks!

Integromat docs aren’t particularly helpful on this…thanks for jumping in to help @Elias_Gomez_Sainz!

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