Creating Multiple Columns in one go (from a list or rows in one Coloumn)?

Hi all, newbie here - is there a way to create multiple columns in one go from a list of column title headers I have as a list? I have 60 + columns and have written the Column names down as a list (which can be also as rows in one column) and want to create all the columns in one go rather than one by one as it is time-consuming (all the columns are of the same type - text) . Thanks

Hey Ravin, if I were you I’d convert the list of column names into a comma separated list and try using the “Paste table data” function.

Screenshot 2022-06-19 at 1.24.13 PM

Feel free to DM me the list of column titles if you hit any problems and I’ll format it up for you

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Hi Adam,

Thank you so much for your reply and suggestion. It worked although I have to add to new table but that’s not a big issue. Much appreciated.

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