Custom "Other" Option in Forms


Is it possible to have a Single Select include an option for “other” that contacts can customize? So if their choice is not in the drop-down menu, they would choose “other” and an input box would appear for them to enter their response.


No, unfortunately that is a sort of dynamic functionality that Airtable does not currently support.

An ugly, and potentially confusing and error-prone workaround is to have that “Other” option in your Single Select field, followed by a text field called “Other - Explanation”, with help-text explaining to your form users to only fill out that field if they selected “Other” in the Single Select.

Another option is to use a third-part form service and a third-party automation service to create custom forms that behave the way you are wanting, and feed into your Airtable base in the way you need.

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Okay, thanks very much for confirming that for me.