Data counting and Organizing

I currently have files that have several fields(columns) that contain {First Name}, {Last Name}, {DOB}(mm/dd/yyyy), {Registration Date} (mm/dd/yyyy)…etc. What I would like for Airtable to do,if possible, is to count the number of clients that registered per month.
Ex. Jan. 19 or 01-2019 - 58
Feb.19 or 02-2019 - 112

I’ve already created another field {Registration by Month} and with a formula that shows me the month and year a client was registered based on the Registration Date field to get the ball rolling, but I’m stuck.

Is there a way to use this field {Registration by Month} to calculate how many registrations there are by month? I know there’s a simple block option with pivot table, but I would like to know how to do it without utilizing the blocks.

I’m currently using rollup for a different field, but I would prefer it if I didn’t have use linking since that would require to manually link each file to a month.

If there is a way to calculate this by using a filed for each month I’m all for it. I have Multiple sub groups that I would like to know how many of those subgroups have registrations per month.

                         Jan 19          Feb 19           March 19......

Subgroup 1 #
Subgroup 2 #
Subgroup 3 #

I hope this makes sense.
Help please. .-.

I don’t have much to offer, but I would like to understand the use case a bit more.

If you could count these attributes (which are really aggregation stats), where would you want to display them if not in a Block?

I ask because typically aggregations are very distant ideas from the original rows that form the values for the aggregations.

Would you drop them into another table - like a summary table? (i.e., an aggregations grid of sorts?) If so, are you not describing a roll-up report?

I was just thinking of having them displayed in another tab. I currently have 2 tabs, one for client info and one for data info about those client files. In the data tab I have each sub group listed with a roll up counting how many registrations are in each sub group. I think I can mimic this for what I want with the monthly listings, but I was hoping to avoid rollup since I would have to add a new linking feature. I was hoping to just utilize the link I already have.

Every time I enter a new record into my first tab, I would like my second tab to count how many registrations have occurred per month by taking the registration date that I’m manually entering (not time stamped by airtable) and only focus on the month and year.

Okay - that makes sense. Ostensibly, the “other tab” is a table that renders the analytics.

Still thinking about this…

I think there’s a clever way to do this without making it too complex but I defer to @Justin_Barrett or others in the forum who better understand extraction formulas.

I’ve read the details numerous times, but some of the finer points are still unclear. Namely regarding this:

The exact nature of “the link I already have” is eluding me at the moment. I can’t tell what fields in which tables are being linked. Knowing that would help a lot.