Default value for single select column?

This is genius, thanks !!! Worked for me aswell and the view is much cleaner also.

I really would like this default feature myself. Please consider it. I don’t see a downside to doing it.


Multiple requests for this basic feature since 2016, please keep us updated on the status.

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Can the Airtable team update us on the status of this feature request?


Just chiming in as a new Airtable user: single select default would be a very useful feature. Having the grouped by workaround is nice, but having the option to set a default would be even nicer.


How is this not a feature? We’ve been waiting for 3 years now for this.


I made a tool that solves this problem. You define a default value, and then the tool will periodically update empty rows with the default value. Works with single select, multiple select, linked records, attachments, etc.

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Just started using Airtable and that lack of default for single selects seems a major omission so I’m added my voice to the clamour for this.


You can also create a computed column in addition to the column that you want to default using the “Formula” type. For example, I have a “Status” column that is my single select and a “Computed Status” that is a formula. My formula is IF(Status = “”, “Lead”, Status).

2020 - Please add this in!

I agree, this is absurd. Every single form builder and database I have ever used has this option. On the free version of air table right now. Super basic functionality they’re missing is causing me to never want to pay…

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I agree that this missing functionality is frustrating.

However the workaround described by @American_Appworks on Jan 23 works fairly well.

Here is a slightly modified version of the formula:

IF( {SingleSelectField} = BLANK(), 
  "default value", 

Hi @kuovonne. Loving that I just came across the same challenge and youve posted a solution today!

Pardon my novice use of formulas in AT. but how do U define “SingleSelectField”?

Scenario - lead generation from SMS using zapier and click send. Basically a new record is inserted when an sms response is received (works super well) I then want the ‘STATUS’ field default (inserted as null/blank) to be set to NEW. Then all the team need to do is use a drop down to change to either ‘closed/dead’ 'booked" or ‘call back’

Appreciate your guidance in advance.

Russell (from Australia)

Ok. worked it out. You need to create a new column with the formula and SingleSelectField = the name of the field that has the dropdown. which kinda means I need to show 2 fields “Current Status” (formula field and “Change Status” (single select field).

Does that sound right?


You got it!

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Yes I’m aware this fix exists. It’s the one I used. It is clunky, redundant and unnecessary.


I agree this is not clean or DRY. would be better if there was just a way to make a default for single selects


This would be really useful.

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Why has this not been done yet? We need single select for the default column. Cmon airtable!

The newest workaround for setting a default value is to use an automation.