Default value for single select column?

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4 - Data Explorer

I have a table where I want all new entries (rows) to have a default value for a single select column. Is that possible?

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Yes I’m aware this fix exists. It’s the one I used. It is clunky, redundant and unnecessary.

I agree this is not clean or DRY. would be better if there was just a way to make a default for single selects

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

This would be really useful.

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4 - Data Explorer

Why has this not been done yet? We need single select for the default column. Cmon airtable!

The newest workaround for setting a default value is to use an automation.

How have you been successful with this using automations? The trigger seems to give me the option that if “x” cell is blank, but the action seems to lead me nowhere. Do you know of a way for the action to autofill an option that I choose?

@Justin_Petersen I would use the trigger for “when a record is created”.

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4 - Data Explorer

@ScottWorld The trigger seems to work just fine (whether I am creating from a new record or triggering when the record matches conditions), it’s the action that I am just not getting. The action I am attempting to use is update record.

@Justin_Petersen You haven’t provided enough information. Do you have screenshots or a video?