Document Generator from Google Doc Template

Is there a way to have the Google Doc automation create documents from a pre-existing template?

I want to set up the new automation to generate letters, however, I need them to have a specific header and footer. If there was a functionality to select a template that would be great. But if anyone knows of a way to generate that on Google’s App Script end that would be super helpful!

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I don’t know scripting, but most people go low-code with this by using something like or On2Air: Actions. You could also use DocuMint, which has its own document template editor.

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Hey Chloe,

You can create headers, footers, and add other elements to single or multiple templates by using On2Air Google Documents.

Here’s an example:
Create Automated Invoices in Google Docs and Airtable (+Free Template)

And here’s a comparison of On2Air Google Docs vs. Airtable Google Docs automation

On2Air Google Docs vs Airtable Google Docs