Embedded Form CSS Styling


I love the embeddable Form option for information collection, however, it’s almost impossible to style the form using CSS since I can’t Inspect the code. It just shows as an over-all object rather than individual text and box components.

I would be nice to be able to know the div id’s or classes in order to make it appear a part of your site’s type faces and colors.

If this is an option already, no amount of googling or searching the community/support has turned up anything for me.



I second this with all the 20 characters needed to post here.



For what it’s worth: if you yourself are a developer, or have a developer available to you, this example of how to submit data to and pull data from an Airtable database might give you some ideas.

Basically, you would NOT use the built-in embedded forms feature; instead, you (or your developer) would construct the necessary form(s) to push/pull data back and forth between your site and Airtable, using the Airtable API. (An API is a standard way of getting data from/into a Web-based resource; Airtable’s API is offered by Airtable itself, so you don’t need to worry about trusting your data to 3rd parties.) This way, you can style form(s) in any way you like, since at that point any form (and its fields, buttons, and other features) is just an element on your page.

(Aside: I haven’t tried this myself, and have no affiliation with the linked site: I was just looking into the same question and found that CSS-Tricks suggestion.)



Yep, the form is tough to use because of this, it’s just TOO BIG! I find myself constantly having to use an external service and integrating it to airtable with Zapier. So far I’m using this with Wufoo, but I’m sure any number of the zapier-supported Form services will work.



I would love to be able to apply custom css styling to the form because it is too big for my site



This is an absolute necessity.

Though fantastic for data collection, it (form) is a bit of an eye sore on my websites due to the inability to brand it with basic things like a white or transparent background to fit in better with the webpage. Let’s start there, though I think there needs to be far more progress in this area.

Regardless, I am still very excited about the future of this product.




I wholeheartedly agree. The ability to apply custom styling to an embedded base or view is a must. I understand that working with an iframe element is not the easiest. Perhaps we could have the option to upload (or paste) custom css stylesheets on a per-base level, which Airtable iframe embed codes would then load?



Please add form styling, ideally via access to the CSS!

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+1 background theme…



If replying makes a dent, then consider this a dent. Because, there really, really, really, really, really, really, really needs to be editable CSS. Really.