Exporting tab-delimited format

How can I export a view in a tab-delimited format? CSV messes with columns that have commas within them, like product titles and product descriptions.

I tried searching the forums here and asking about how to make CSV work, but then it occurred to me that a tab-delimited format might be the solution. The online marketplace I work with does accept those.

Copy/pasting won’t work because (a) we have to update everyday and (b) some marketplaces [like Amazon] have over 150 fields to fill [setting up formulas to fill many of them].

You should be able to open, use, or import the CSV file into whatever app that you want, and it should interpret & display & handle the data just fine. The extra commas should not cause any problems. Are you specifically having a problem with a specific app?

I downloaded a file in CSV format from Homebase software (specifically designed for booksellers) and it broke a number of cells apart because they had commas within. I’m fixing this in Excel and plan to copy/paste each column/field one at a time into Airtable. But I’m worried that when I download the CSV from Airtable, I’ll have the same problem again. And I’ll be needing to send updates to Amazon and other online marketplaces everyday.

It’s possible that Homebase isn’t generating the CSV file correctly, because normally those extra commas shouldn’t be a problem. For example, if you download a CSV file from Airtable with commas in your fields, it opens up just fine in Excel or Google Sheets or other apps.

Oh, fingers crossed that’s the case! I’ll be ready to test the theory tomorrow and I’ll report back with the results. Thanks, Scott!

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