Feature Request: Add condition to "Link to another record" field

Here’s the real life problem I’m running into.

We have an Airtable base to manage our marketing messages and marketing campaigns. Messages are linked to a campaign. Because our company has multiple brands, I want to limit the campaign record selection to those that have a matching brand to my message.

Here’s my feature request:

I would like to have the “Limit record selection to a view” to allow conditions based on the record I’m linking from and linking to. For example, If the {Brand} field in the Messages table equals {Brand} field in Campaigns table, show those records.

This would allow different records to be available for selection based on the record it’s being linked to.

What do you guys think?

How do these ideas turn into reality?

Yeah, it’s really sad that this isn’t a part of the product yet. Dozens of people have been asking for this on a monthly basis for years, and many of my clients need this functionality as well.

One of your best options for this functionality would be to use MiniExtensions.com as your interface for data entry instead of using Airtable’s interface.

Also, please be sure to email support@airtable.com with this request, although Airtable is notoriously bad about listening to user feature requests.

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