Find and replace all emoticons in text field

Is there any way to search for emoticons (any of them) in a text field, and replace with something like a dash or space? Is there a code for emoticon that allows a formula to search for this?

Emojis and emoticons are often put into titles of blogs, but I am curating titles and creating url’s out of them, but want to remove any trace of these.

This is a great use case for regular expressions, and the regex engine that Airtable uses supports the [[:ascii:]] character class, which will only match normal ASCII characters: letters, numbers, and limited special characters, but no emojis. This formula will replace anything not in that category with an empty string, but you can use whatever substitute character you prefer.

REGEX_REPLACE(Title, "[^[:ascii:]] *", "")

Screen Shot 2021-09-04 at 12.15.10 PM


This was exactly what I needed. You da man! Thank you soooooo much. :slight_smile:

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