Form to edit data

Is there any update on this so clients can either edit the original form or have limited view permission to update their record? Would be so very helpful


Nice work with FormNano @Sam_Wood! we added to resources directory here:

Hey Sam! I sent an inquiry through the FormNano site-hope to hear from you soon!

I am very interested in FormNano but I am having a hard time getting a hold of someone about the Pro plan.

Hey Ken, sorry I missed your message. You can reach me via samreportbin at gmail dot com

Looking forward to working with you.

I am also finding a need for a Form to edit existing data. Here is my scenario:
I am managing our active projects to collect clinical data and I work with a research specialist who helps gather the data and measure it. I have a Base with all the current projects and I would love the specialist to be able to be able to select which project from the form, and update certain columns with the latest on data gathered/measured.

My vote too! I have a very wide table showing customer information. I need to see and edit all of the data for one customer at a time. Scrolling side-to-side and having to click on each long-text field (or having an even wider table) is not an option.

This is a make-or-break feature for me. First requested in 2016 and the only response shows the developers think it’s an optional feature.

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I would also like this added!!

How have we not had a dev response in over 2 years here? This is a make or break feature for me and the company I work for. I’d like to use @Sam_Wood s solution, but I’m wary of passing over our API fully to someone.


This is the functionality that would make me go pro. Here’s my use case:

I have a big client database, with lots of client info that periodically needs to be updated. If I could give out a private link to a form that pulls up their record, and allows them to edit the fields I designate, hide fields I don’t want them to see, and shows them fields that I want them to see, but not be able to edit those read-only fields, we’d save a ton of time manually entering information that they are better off entering in themselves (like email addresses).


Yes, in general, I think that Airtable would be wise to copy more features from FileMaker Pro, which is the gold standard of database systems.

I’d like to vote for this too - this exactly matches my use case. @Emmett_Nicholas are you able to provide an update on this feature request - looks like there are lots and lots of us who’d like it.

Hi there, has anything been developed to solve this issue?

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Is there any update on this "Form to edit date " enhancement request. This is basically a showstopper for me. The “PATCH” update capability exists via the API so is there a way to leverage that via an airtable form?

I’d be very keen to see this facility. We have some 30 users who will enter forms recording time out on our coastguard rescue vessel. They need to input dates, times, engine start and finish, fuel start and finish as well as details of the mission and crew on board.

It’s a bit much to expect that they will get it all right each time so some way to correct recent entries is essential.

Voting up this feature - we have a number of users that need this feature, and it’s a feature that will get folks on board with this tool. We do not have a workaround either: Zapier is not a tool we are approved to use.

Vote for this feature too, this seems like a must have!

I’d really like to see this implemented as well.

An example of where I could use this:
I put on events. I’m creating a running order for the competitors so they can see when it is there turn. I need someone to update when someone has competed so the competitors know who is next. I’m busy doing other things so can’t manage this myself. I’ll need a volunteer to update this information, but they will be different people each event and I wouldn’t want them to have access to the tables, just the ability to update a couple of fields in a table. Basically update a has_run checkbox to true, but also capable of moving someone in the run order if they have a conflict, etc which requires an update to another field. Happy to give you more info if that helps.

It’s amazing to me that Airtable hasn’t implemented this feature yet. It seems like there are alot of people who would get a ton of value from this feature. I’ve been thinking of creating this myself… is anyone else interested in a solution? Would love to get some ideas of what features you would find useful! @Olivier_Brzozowski @nisha_elliott @Robert_Gray1 @Steven_Borriello @Daria_Jelcic @Tammy_Wilson1


I am looking for this feature as well, we would like to modify existing students to modify their details, like homerooms, optional subjects and such. This below link was the closest workaround I have found to achieve this. I was really excited about Airtables - but this is a bummer